Finishing Homework: 8 Ideas You Can Use

Dr. Manuel Salazar

Some students will excel on their own with their homework assignments. Most need help. Here are some things you can do to help as a parent:

1. Provide a quiet place with plenty of writing space.

2. Be sure the study area is well lit, free of distractions, and has a comfortable temperature.

3. Establish routines at home that develop diligent study habits in your student. Here is an example routine: Snack when arriving at home, 30 minutes of study, short outside break, finish homework, dinner, prepare for the next day, family devotions, bed time.

4. Have the basic supplies (paper, pencils, sharpeners, etc.) in advance.

5. Limit television, computer/internet and games during the school week.

6. Take an interest in your students’ assignments and discuss them when appropriate, providing enthusiasm for each subject students are learning.

7. Check homework assignments each night. Be sure that assignments are neat, complete, and accurate. Check your school’s on-line homework postings if available.

8. Communicate often with your student’s teacher. Parents who are involved in their student’s assignments help their students achieve greater spiritual and scholastic success.