Campus Update

The Lord has provided for the completion of a new grand entryway, an additional 90 parking spaces, and a quarter mile of public street improvements.

This expansion will be a blessing to our church family as it will reduce congestion before and after services. These parking lot improvements, along with a quarter mile of public street improvements, provided by the Lord through our members, fulfill prerequisites by the city to continue future building projects.

Near Future Development

As the Lord provides, the first phase of the auditorium expansion will soon begin. This expansion will meet several needs of the church family, including additional nurseries, classroom space, auditorium seating, and lobby areas. More importantly, the space means more opportunities to bring people to the Saviour and disciple them through Bible teaching. Construction for the West Coast Baptist College Event Center moves forward with contractors preparing the foundational dirt pad in 2011. (See opportunities to invest in the WCBC Athletic & Event Center).

The New Ten Commandments Rose Garden

With the Ten Commandments being taken out of courthouses and other public buildings, it serves as a reminder that local churches must stand as the pillar and ground of truth in our society. That is why we installed a beautiful Ten Commandments plaque and Rose Garden. It is a reminder to all those who come to the church that God’s Word is our foundation and the basis for a free, moral country.