Church Emergency and Government Licensing

Is your church prepared for a possible medical emergency?

At some time, most pastors will experience a church medical emergency. Many churches are blessed to have members in the medical profession who are qualified to assist, but someone should also be prepared to call 911 immediately. Ushers should be trained to remove the person to a safe area where medical personnel will have access to them. The best thing for the pastor to do is to lead the congregation in prayer for the person while others should be ready to individually assist and comfort the family members. Having a plan could save a life and safely control the situation.

Does your church need some kind of a license just to operate?

Pastor Byron called us when city officials told them that his church must obtain a business license to continue operating as a church. If the church did not comply, it would be heavily fined. Our attorneys at CLA contacted city officials to point out that churches were exempt from business licenses. In addition, churches are not constitutionally considered to be businesses. They do not need government approval to operate. Our attorneys suggested the city must have made a mistake when they demanded the church have a business license. The city and their lawyers agreed and rescinded the demand immediately. Churches in America need not be licensed. They have the right to exist without government approval.

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