Special Recognitions from Spiritual Leadership Conference

At the 24th Anniversary and Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church, we were privileged to host many great men and women of faith. This year, we honored three men and their wives for their outstanding service to the Lord.

Don & Bridgette Dryden, Missionaries to Haiti

Don Dryden and his wife, Bridgette, began ministering in Haiti in 1975—thirty-five years ago. When they arrived, they entered the trenches of front line spiritual warfare for the souls of diseased and demon-oppressed people. They began ministry in the poorest and most spiritually barren country in the Western Hemisphere.

During their three-and-a-half decades of ministry in Haiti, the Drydens have been greatly used of God. They have planted six churches, several Christian schools, and established a Bible school presently training over one hundred students to serve God. They have seen countless precious souls saved out of spiritual bondage and voodoo paganism. Their faithful sacrifice for the Gospel has made a profound impact upon the Haitian people.

Over the years, the Drydens have been steadfast through spiritual opposition and trials too numerous to recall. Don has contracted malaria fourteen different times and also had a serious bout with typhoid fever. When others would have looked for a way out or a way home, the Drydens have looked for the strength to endure and remain for the sake of the Gospel.

They now serve with their adult son, Benji, and his family, and they have no plans to slow down. They are longing for many more years of fruitful labor in this place they dearly love. Their passion and vision for the lost souls of Haiti is stronger than ever.

In response to the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti only months ago, this dear couple has been instrumental in ministering. They have served remarkably and helped with the distribution of resources and supplies. Through it all, they have faithfully shared the Gospel and brought others to the Saviour

Dr. Sam Davison

Dr. Sam Davison has faithfully served as the pastor and pastor emeritus of Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for the past twenty years. During his pastorate, the church has grown to an average attendance of over 2,000 and an annual missions budget exceeding $1.1 million. In addition to his faithful pastoral duties, Dr. Davison has also served as President of Heartland Baptist Bible College for the past eleven years. He has been instrumental in preparing hundreds of young servants of Christ who are now laboring for the Lord all over the globe. He is a Spirit-filled man of God who has been wonderfully used.

Dr. Sogoro Ogawa

Sogoro Ogawa was saved as a young man in the very first service Dr. Don Sisk preached in the Senri Newtown Baptist Church in Japan. He was the first person to be baptized, married, and called to preach at Senri Newtown Baptist Church. For forty years now, Sogoro Ogawa has pastored Senri Newtown Baptist Church, and today the church stands as a dynamic lighthouse—the largest independent Baptist church in Japan. Since the inception of the church, more than fifty members have given themselves to God for full-time Christian work and have become missionaries or pastors. Through many years of faithful labor, Dr. Sogoro Ogawa has given his life to serve his Saviour and to help send laborers around the world.