Anyone Will Do

Jerry Ferrso

God wants His house filled, and anyone is welcome. Jesus tells a parable in Luke 14:16, “A certain man made a great supper, and bade many.” But as the story continues, the invited guests make excuses for not attending. The host doesn’t give up. He tells his servants to go out again and find anyone who is willing to get a free meal. He could not force someone to come, but he could find someone else who was willing.

There may be times when you knock on doors in your neighborhood and find no one who is willing to even hear about salvation. Don’t let that stop you. In a town of any size there is someone who is willing to hear the Gospel. He may be walking down the other side of the street, coming out of the grocery store, or filling up his gas tank. The host wasn’t satisfied until he had people at his feast, and we should not be satisfied until we find someone—anyone—whom we can bring to the Master’s feast.