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Jerry Ferrso
Community Connection Magazine

One of the great cultivation tools available for personal outreach is a community newsletter—a publication from your ministry just for the people in your area. It allows you to give the Gospel to everyone in your community, even those living in neighborhoods you may not be able to reach by door-to-door evangelism.

The newsletter is your own first impression. Everyone in your community will form an opinion about your church, true or false. In your newsletter you are able to establish who you are as a church. With that in mind, what will you put in your newsletter? How can you tell of Christ’s love and turn an unsaved person’s mind to spiritual truth?

Highlight that you are a serving church. Many churches give toys to children during Christmas, have services in nursing homes, and help in many ways that few people know about. Tell them the different ways you can help. It’s not merely about making your church look good. It’s about letting the community know that your church exists to serve and express the love of Jesus Christ.

Emphasize friendships. God uses relationships to bring people to salvation and to help them grow spiritually. Where would Nathanael be without Andrew, or Paul without Barnabas? Let your reader know that they can find friends and encouraging relationships at your church.

Teach biblical truths. People have problems—lots of them. They are looking to talk shows, self-help books, and psychologists for help, but God has the solutions. Bible-based articles about marriage, raising children, finding purpose, and overcoming addictions offer real hope. When they read articles that provide biblical solutions for the problems of life, they will benefit and perhaps allow your church a greater ministry toward them.

Show quality ministry for kids. All parents are interested in how their children will be treated if they visit a church. When a quality children’s program is evident, your church will have a much greater opportunity to reach a family and minister to them for the long term.

Tell stories of changed lives. The grace of God truly is amazing! It still changes lives, and few things are as powerful as a real story of life change by God’s grace. Tell the story of someone who was completely transformed by God’s grace—the story will glorify God and inspire others to follow Him.

Share the Gospel. This is the most important message in your newsletter. While you are not there in person with an open Bible, you can present a clear plan of salvation with visual aids in just a couple pages. In one mailing, every person in your community can at least have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Your newsletter is a great platform to share Bible truth, cultivate your community for soulwinning, and let others know your church family exists to serve in the name of Christ.

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