Connection Card

Late last year, Lancaster Baptist Church introduced the Connection Card, a new printed material placed in every bulletin. We already had a visitor information card, so why did we see a need to update a piece of cardstock? Here are a few reasons why we switched:

Church-wide Response. With a traditional visitor card, members and regular attendees have no use for the card (besides doodling). With the Connection Card, anyone can enter prayer requests, register for upcoming events, or relay a change of address.

Visitor Participation. We want to make it as easy as possible for new visitors to fill out more information about themselves. Because visitors see others in the congregation filling out a card, they are more likely to fill out a card themselves. We would like to visit the home of every visitor to share a personal Gospel presentation, but without a name, address, or phone number, that becomes nearly impossible.

Accurate Information. As mentioned earlier, the Connection Card provides a space to correct information that may have changed. No matter the size of a church, accurate records are vital to every area of ministry.




Connection Card