Public School Bible Club Sponsors

Larry Chappell

One of the keys to an effective public school Bible club is your sponsoring teacher. They are your bridge to the students and faculty and your best partner for promoting and sustaining the club. Depending on school policy, the teacher may be somewhat limited in certain areas, but never doubt this: the teacher has the greatest influence in the room.

Eve Richard, the sponsor teacher for Lancaster High School has been used as a spiritual influence in her school. She makes sure that all the new students are recognized, and she offers good suggestions to the club presidents and to the youth workers of Lancaster Baptist Church. Currently she has a passion to teach her favorite hymn, “Love Lifted Me,” to a group of students who never heard the song before.

When you begin a Bible club ministry in your neighborhood’s public school, pray for the right sponsor. Eve is a member of Lancaster Baptist Church, and we have met other quality, Christian teachers through word of mouth, calls to the church, and even out soulwinning on a Saturday morning. Together, you and a sponsoring teacher can impact your local public school.