Editorial Note

More Content, Same Purpose

We are excited to present to you this new expanded edition of The Baptist Voice. This isn’t a special edition—it’s the new “normal” going forward for our publication. In this new format, we will be able to deliver issues with broader and deeper content. Read full-length articles from more leading pastors and peek inside the lives of ministry leaders with more interviews. The purpose of The Baptist Voice has not changed, but now we can give more in each issue.

We encourage you to explore this issue on “Pure Religion.” In my article, I write from the book of James about what “pure religion” is and how false piety will lead to a worthless religion. We want the “old time religion”—the one found in the first century church.

Branching off from this theme, many pastors and our regular contributors look at what pure religion means for our preaching, study, missions, and personal ministry with people. Read biblical perspectives from R.B. Ouellette, Kurt Skelly, Scott Wendal, Dwight Tomlinson, and John Goetsch.

Not only will we look more closely at the theme in each issue, but we have introduced several new sections designed to encourage and inform. You can find succinct answers to Bible questions in “Q&A.” We have expanded the current news section to include informative charts and visualizations, and in “Twenty-Five Promises,” be reminded of God’s promises for you during trials.

Our regular columnists are all present. Cary Schmidt writes about “The Most Powerful Parenting Practice.” My wife Terrie talks about the right way to fail, and Tim Christoson tells how to start new adult Bible classes in a church.

Finally, the testimony of Pastor Bill Zaydan is one of the most amazing and inspiring I have heard. Born in Kuwait and raised in Lebanon, Pastor Zaydan was delivered from the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, saved through a Bible study in Kuwait City, and reunited with his estranged father in Australia. God’s hand has clearly guided his life.

Thank you for reading The Baptist Voice. I pray this magazine will be a continual source of encouragement in your life. New digital formats are coming soon in 2012, and we will give you full details when they arrive.