“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”—Genesis 5:24

God can take the everyday, ordinary and turn it into a miracle. Would you consider yourself everyday, ordinary?

Richard Jones, a naval engineer, was trying to make a meter designed to monitor power on naval ships when one of his tension springs fell to the ground and started bouncing from place to place and the slinky was born. An everyday, ordinary item was transformed and given a new purpose.

As Enoch went about his everyday schedule, little did he know God was about to change him forever. One day he was walking with his God as he did every day when the ordinary became miraculous; when the everyday became bliss. He not only was talking with his God, but he was seeing Him face to face. His life had been turned into a miracle. What made the difference? He did not try to attain this miracle. He was just a tension spring doing his daily job of keeping his walk right with God, his family fed and clothed, and his heart warmed with the ordinary. He would love his life to be miraculous, but he knew only God could do that. He just did what was expected of him, and God saw it. God took notice of him. God decided to do something about it. He turned his life into a miracle.

God notices you too, you know. He notices when you wake up and walk with Him. He notices when you fellowship with Him throughout the day and laugh and enjoy the sheer bliss of His blessings and thank Him for them. You never know. He just might change your everyday, ordinary into a miracle. Are you ready for that?