Declaring the gospel is not an idea; it’s an action. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He stated it as a command with an action verb: “Go ye.”

Developing consistency in almost any area of life requires developing habits—repeated actions that support the end goal. In this case, the goal is sharing the gospel. But what habits condition our opportunities and boldness in doing so?

1. Pray for fruit.

In John 15:7, Christ promised, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” Ask the Lord to give you both opportunity and boldness to share the gospel. And ask Him to use your witness and His Word to convict listeners of their need for a Savior.

2. Carry gospel tracts.

I find that when I have tracts in my pocket or car, I am more prepared to seize moments to bring up a gospel conversation.

3. Schedule weekly opportunities.

As important as it is to be ready to share the gospel throughout your week as God provides opportunities, it’s also important for a church to systematically saturate its community with the gospel. Weekly scheduling time to participate in the church-wide outreach has the effect of making you more soul-conscious throughout the week as well.

4. Ask for a partner.

Another benefit of weekly participating in your church’s outreach is the opportunity to be mentored or to mentor someone else in how to share the gospel. If you don’t know how to share the gospel, ask a more experienced soulwinner to teach you. If you are already seeing gospel fruit in your outreach, invite a newer Christian that you can mentor and train.

5. Keep a prospect list.

Some people will trust Christ the very first time you share the gospel with them—even if it is the first time they met you. Others, however, will not. But that does not mean these wouldn’t trust Christ the second or third time you come by. Keeping and maintaining a prospect list allows you to be intentional and persistent in your efforts to develop a relationship and to share the gospel.

My prospect list helps me follow up on people I’ve met out doorknocking as well as see new Christians baptized, added to the church, and grounded through discipleship.

6. Host your guests at church.

When someone responds to your invitation to come to church, save them a seat in the service, introduce them to others, and make them feel welcome. If possible, invite them to your home for lunch afterward, or perhaps give an invitation to the following Sunday and to lunch following the service. Opening your home can help open your guest’s heart.

7. Be faithful in follow-up.

When someone trusts Christ as his Savior, that’s just the beginning of his new walk with God. Most new Christians don’t know what baptism means, when or why to be baptized, or how to grow as a Christian. This is where you come in. Don’t just lead people to the Lord and leave them. Keep going back to teach and encourage their new walk with Christ.

When these seven habits are rooted in a heart that cares for the souls of others and coupled with the grace of God, the outcome is spiritual fruit to the glory of God.